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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Holidays 2016 (Day 2) - Top 5 Cities Known For Their Christmas Celebrations.

After day 1, we enter into the Holidays 2016 (Day 2).  In this modern era of gadgets and computers, everybody needs a break once in a year. Some of our jobs require hard mental work of several hours a day. Sitting long hours infront of computers, will cause serious health problems. So this Christmas season all those who are exhausted need to be recharged. Why don’t you celebrate this X’mas in some place exciting? Here is a list of places that you can consider for celebrating this Christmas 2016.

Plan your Holidays 2016 (Day 2) - A Glimpse at Top 5  Cities That Are Famous For Their Christmas Celebrations .


In Austria, Christmas is considered to be one of the most significant religious holidays. Christmas is a public holiday in Austria. Christmas being one of the major festive seasons across the globe, the people of Austria eagerly anticipates the festival of joy and merry making, that is, Christmas with much zeal and enthusiasm.
The Advent season is a high priority for many Austrians. The traditional calendar shows itself in a variety of forms. You could find a calendar of tea, chocolate, cookies, songs, little readings and more. The way how this culture approaches the Christmas season with their use of Advent calendars is remarkable.

On Xmas Eve retailers close theirs shops and establishment almost by 6 p.m. .During the day before christmas there are no open movie theaters, performances or concerts. Pubs, restaurants, dance clubs are mostlyclosed down and traffic is nearly non-existent.
The idea behing that is that the time of this festive season of Christmas is considered the apt season for spending quality time in the holiday mood with family and friends and not meant for other business. The preparation for welcoming this festival of joy and merry making starts in Austria on Christmas Eve. Austrians celebrate the Christmas tree in a unique way. The tree is not decorated until Christmas eve. A bell is rung by the parents and the children can enter the room and see the beautifully decorated tree. Christmas trees are beautifully decorated on the Eve of Christmas by the family members. Various items such as colorful toys, straw stars, small bells, crystal balls, chocolate, sweets, and candles are used to decorate the Christmas tree in Austria. People also erect Christmas crib which depicts “Holy Family in Stable” in Austria.
The people come out of their homes for "Bescherung" - this means the introduction of Santa Claus.

Paris, France

Enjoying the holiday lights of the city is surely on ones everyones checklist during the visit to Paris. The main points of attractions are Champs-Elysées, along the Rue Montorgueil and Rue Mouffetard, in the Place Vendome, in the windows of the big department stores (including the well-known Galeries Lafayette), and at the Notre Dame Cathedral.
During the christmas holidays, the city of Paris lights up and there is festive mood everywhere offering a perfect atmosphere for spending the vaction in a terrific way. But many travellers avoid Paris during this time of season as they're strangled with the myth that the city is cold and dark. But holding on to that myth might cause you not experiencing one of the most wonderful experiences our planet offers. Paris especially during the X'mas season, is an increadable choice for family trips as well.

Like the North America's, Christmas in Paris won't provide that snowy chill. One of the wonders of the world, as well as known as one of the top romantic destinations in the world, The Eiffel Also unsurprisingly is the centre of attractions of the city's celebrations. The trees that line the Champs-Elysées gets covered with strings of lights.
Attending the christmas Eve service at Notre Dame will provide you vibes, even if you're an athiest person.
Speaking of Christmas Markets - they're almost everywhere. If you're one hell of a shopper, you might need a container to fit in all the commodities you've purchased. Need I say more? Restaurants keep carefully the festive spirit alive completely in to the New Year, with special menus for an unforgettable New Year's Eve celebration. Indeed, the holidays 2016 in Paris will be an everlasting one!

New York, United States

Christmas in the City is like a beautiful dream. New York evolves into a totally different form during the time of holidays. The city is covered in a snow blanket and the joy of christmas is everywhere. The holiday lights in new yorks are hard to forget. The christmas trees lighted are a feast for the eyes.Even being one of the biggest holiday destinations in the world, NYC has a total different package during this time of the year.The Holiday train show at The New York Botanical Gardens offers a big deal to the kids and train lovers.

The Museum's Christmas Tree and Neapolitan Baroque Crèche are among The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most cherished treasures, the installation each year heralding the beginning of the Christmas season.when you hear the New York String Orchestra performing works by Mozart and Beethoven with a generous complement of strings — including eight cellos and five basses — at Carnegie Hall on Christmas Eve, the effect of it on you will be mind blowing. Winter Antiques Show is a 10 day event being held from 20th January to the 29th January 2017 at the Park Avenue Armory in New York, United States Of America. This event showcases products like An exciting, high-energy evening for new collectors, emerging philanthropists, and art and design enthusiasts.
This display will be lit each evening and is a special way to celebrate the holiday season in Warsaw. Take a stroll through the park and enjoy the lights and music. Consider a walk down to Largo park to see the lighted displays for the festive holiday season. So many fun and unique light displays to enjoy.
Stop by the playground area and take a picture with the huge Christmas tree.
The park’s holiday lights will operate from November 26th through January 1st. Don’t miss out on this spectacular event that occurs nightly in NYC. As of today, holidays 2016 - day 2, the intensity of christmas is about to reach its peak in the city.

London, England

From Christmas markets and Christmas shopping in London, to ice skating rinks, Winter Wonderland and festive events, there are lots of magical things to do at Christmas in London.London boasts an exciting programme of events all year round but at Christmas things get truly special, with a series of weird and wonderful events, pop-ups and attractions to get you in the festive mood.


A huge Bedouin tent will be erected on Parsons Green in time for a wonderful winter weekend.Skating rinks are obviously one of the biggest tourist attractions in London that become even more popular during the holiday season. London can even compete with the worldwide Rockefeller Plaza ice rink that is in New York.
There will be a pop-up cinema showing all the loveliest Christmas films, a German market with bratwurst and mulled wine, and an ice-rink to test your skills out on as well as a snowboard simulator.You can’t get a cosier, more romantic cinema experience than Electric Cinema at Notting Hill or Shoreditch. The seats are amazingly comfortable but if you want to go all out, there are big double beds – perfect for a cuddle while watching a film.
One of the indispensable things to do in London on Christmas is to visit its markets. During the holiday season markets become even more significant. You’ll be absolutely amazed at the variety of markets that can be found everywhere in London, and you’ll surely be surprised at their location. If you visit London during the holiday season, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Hyde Park. It’s marvelous in summer, but during winter months it’s even more charming and fascinating. Winter is the time when Winter Wonderland is available at the Park, which allures the crowds of tourists and visitors.

Sydney, Australia

Celebrations in Sydney commences five weeks before Christmas Day to be precise, on Thursday 26th of November, 2016 with an elegant christmas tree in Martin Place - which means the entire city has loads of events and activities to make your vacations wonderful.The City of Sydney will be, like any other major city, loaded with merry cheer, with road choirs singing hymns ordinary for night customers as they find everything on their Christmas list in Sydney's one of a kind shops, boutiques, arcades and office stores. Probably one of the most common things one of the items topping on almost every tourist's checklist visiting Sydney is to spend Christmas Day on Bondi Beach. Thousands of people, from all around the world, tries to pay a visit to the beach each year. Sydney is known for facilitating incredible bubbly occasions ahead of the pack up to Christmas.

You'll see Christmas trees, hundreds of Santa hats and lots of sunburnt backpackers who can't believe that they're lying on a beach on Christmas day! Unfortunately Bondi Beach is an alcohol restricted area on the Day of Christmas  Even though are plenty of bars around to have a couple of drinks, yeah, no booze is allowed there in the beach.
From November 26, the Martin Place Christmas Tree will illuminate each night and show your Christmas content or tweet message between 12 pm and 12 am. Head to Darling Harbour to watch all the boats set off on the world renowned yacht race to Hobart - 650 miles down the coast. It's a huge Christmas event in Sydney and is free to go and watch with the added bonus that the fresh coastal air will help cure your hangover. Christmas Day itself is a standout amongst the most serene days in the city and the perfect time to investigate. One noteworthy attraction in Sydney which opens its gates for Christmas Day is Taronga Zoo. Not exactly a 15 minute ship ride from the city, it's a home to to over 300 creatures and is a must visit place.

Thus these are one of the top cities in the world known for their Christmas celebration. As of today, Holidays 2016 - Day 2, relax and plan a trip to any of the cities above to make your vacations awesome.


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